Residential Real Estate

Buying, Selling and Refinancing

At McManamy Jackson our team of residential real estate experts will ensure your real estate transaction goes smoothly, start to finish. Our primary area of practice focuses on providing real estate closing services to lenders, real estate agents, buyers, and sellers and executing all of their residential property transaction needs.


Selling or purchasing real estate is most-often one of the largest purchases and financial obligations one will carry during a lifetime. Our firm understands the significance of the moment whether it’s your first property transaction, seventh or seventieth. We are driven by a common values system to deliver an ethical, efficient and excellent client experience in all of our dealings. To underscore our values system, our firm has designed superior in-house procedures to avoid common missteps in real estate transactions so the parties will be protected and provided essential information throughout the entire closing process. 

In today’s digital and regulatory age, our firm also understands the many challenges that come with ever-changing industry regulations and evolving state of cyber-crime. Financial crimes are low risk, high reward for hackers and the real estate industry is a prime target. McManamy Jackson has invested in the latest, cutting-edge infrastructure and technology to try and best protect clients’ data and financial security through our MJ Live portal, which allows our buyers, sellers, and realtors to send and receive information securely through McManamy Jackson. Our firm employs best practices in the industry when it comes to protecting our clients' real estate transactions. 

McManamy Jackson also represents persons and entities involved in the purchase, sale, and lease of commercial and industrial property.

Estimating Closing Costs

Use the MJ title quote app to accurately estimate your closing costs so there are no surprises at closing.

Selling a property?  Our app can help you determine your net closing proceeds.  

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